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How does this work?

Curb Appeal Blues Proprietary Process

Through numerous test installations with our R&D program, we have come up with the optimal process to prepare your curb, and install your tiles in a timely manner. On the sides of  this page are pictures of the process and here's a quick overview:

1) We will show up and work with you, the customer to determine the best location for installation of the tiles. 

2) Using proprietary tools and procedures, your professional installer precisely removes a layer of curb slightly larger than the mosaic. 

3) We will clean up the recess in the curb, confirm that it is the proper size and prepared in a way to keep the tiles laying flat. 

4) We use quick set adhesive to and some 'tricks of the trade' to keep the tiles uniform  and install them into the recess. 

5) While the tiles are setting, we'll do some clean up, and preparation for grouting.

6) Once the tiles are set, we'll grout the tiles! 

7) The grout takes some time to cure. We'll set up a Curb Appeal Blues sign with some barricade tape to keep passers by from poking at it and we'll head off to the next install. 

The above process typically takes about 1.5 to 2 hours to complete. After 24 Hours, we'll swing by to pick up the sign and do a final inspection of your new curb address! 

Who am I and why am I doing this?

That's very existential of you to ask!

After wrapping up 12 months of DIY remodeling with the compounding headaches of a couple specific subcontractors, I started looking for opportunities to do some unique work that I could be proud of, and sleep at night knowing the customer was happy with the completed job. Looking for ways to spruce up the outside of my home after the foundation contractor destroyed my lawn, gardens, sprinklers, landscape lighting, etc, I started seeing the blue and white mosaics around Houston. My initial thought was to find blue and white tiles, piece them together and stick them on my curb and during that search, I found After having laid the tile in my home, much of which was complicated and very intricate work in the bathrooms, I started trying to tackle the challenge of installing mosaics flush mount into the an existing concrete curb, by precisely and efficiently removing a thin layer of concrete. Once I thought I had figured it out, I called Joey from the Blue Tile Project, told him I had figured out a way to install these things, lets get together and talk about collaborating, and shortly after, Curb Appeal Blues was born. 

So that's a little bit about how the idea came about. Why am I doing this? Houston's a great city, with lots of opportunity, but compared to other big US cities, we're missing some of the historic buildings and sites that many other cities have. As we tear down and rebuild, the blue tile is all that remains in some places. Bringing that classic blue and white street address and store front name imaging back and helping to make it a symbol of Houston's support of historic preservation, local business and arts is an exciting cause to support.

As part of reaching this goal our commitment is to seamlessly connect your installation to your online order. To do this, we follow the words of some famous people:

1) Woody Allen - 90% of success is showing up. We'll go a step further and show up on time. 

2) Bobbi Brown - "The right tools are just as important as the makeup itself." We will bring the right makeup (your mosaic), and we will bring the right tools and consumables for the installation!

3) Elizabeth Holmes 'The minute you have a backup plan, you've admitted you're not going to succeed.' We are not just tile installers - we are problem solvers. We work in imperfect environments with imperfect materials with beautiful results. We will succeed and you, the customer will love the results.

4) Boy Scouts - Our company values are based on the Boy Scout Law and Motto.


With our commitments to you, we request the following from our customers:

1) Provide an outdoor, accessible hose spigot that we can use for the installation and clean up. 

2) Either be present for the installation, or clearly mark the location where you would like the tiles to be installed

3) If there is regular public street parking where your installation is going to be, please make sure we have clear access to the installation spot during your scheduled time; at least a full parking space length.   

4) Please understand that there may be certain installation limitations with existing curbs. We will do our best to provide a quality install in a solid curb that will last much longer and look way better than other options.

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