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  • Tell me about the tile format.
    These are historically accurate reproductions of the 3/4" tiles use in the Houston City Streets to mark block numbers and addresses between early 1900's and the 50's. The font and format are based on the 3800+ remaining original mosaics left in Houston City Streets. Each complete Mosaic are approx 5.8" tall and the width is approximately 4-5' per character. Most instances the mosaics start and finish with a column of white tiles, and there are 4 columns between words and numbers. The words DRIVE and STREET are commonly left off of the mosaics, though Lane and BLVD are oft included. If you have questions about how your streetname will be formated or the font for the lettering, please contact us!
  • Do I need to be home for the installation?
    No, but we do like to coordinate with customers on the specific installation location. This is best done in person, but is easy to accomplish with a phone call and/or text messages.
  • What do I need to provide on installation day?
    1) Instructions on exactly where we need to install the mosaic. 2) Clear, unobstructed access to the installation location - if you live by lots of street parking, park and or put cones out to keep area free of cars. 2 Car lenghts is the optimal clearance to work with. 3) Be a little flexible. We run a pretty smooth operation but occasionally get hung up. We'll call or text if it looks like we're running a bit late - we definately won't make you wait around all day like the cable guy! 4) We are self sufficient with water and power.
  • My curb has cracks or is shorter than normal - Can I still get a blue tile address?
    It depends. We cannot install accorss expansion joints or major cracks. It's important to keep the mosaic at least 4" from any major crack or expansion joint. Mosaics lengths can be estimated using 4-5" per character (10 character mosaic is between 40 and 50" long). The tiles fit in most standard height city curbs, even the laydown type. We can install in concrete stairs as long as the face is 6" tall or more. Please call or text with specific circumstances, an we will find a solution! 713 296 0656
  • How do you clean up afterwards?
    We clean up the mess we make which is any consumables used by us and the peices of curb that we chip out. The dust and small particulates will be hosed down. We don't have the waste capacity to carry away all of the pre-existing gutter scum and build up often found in the streets when we arrive. This will be shoveled out of our way and left or put in a place of your chosing close to the installation location. We aren't street cleaners.
  • Can you remove the faded painted address number?
    Yes, please mention it in the notes section of your booking so we can come prepared with paint remover. We use spray on premium stripper to remove the paint, and due to it's being extremely caustic, we keep a very limited amount in on hand. It can be found at most big box hardware stores and can take care of most painted address numbers with 2 appications.
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